Best Sweepstakes Casino Sites in the USA

Are you curious about the thrilling world of sweepstakes casinos? Dive into this one-stop guide to learn about what a sweepstakes casino is. Discover the best sweeps cash casinos and get step-by-step instructions on how to get started and get free sweep coins.

Best USA Sweepstakes Casinos

250K Gold Coins + $25 Stake Cash

1 Sweeps Coin + 5,000 WOW Coins

What is a Sweepstakes Casino?

A sweepstakes casino operates like a real money online casino. The main difference is in the currency: instead of using real money, you use Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins.

You’ll receive Sweeps Coins for free, and you can win even more coins as you play. These coins can eventually be redeemed for cash prizes.

What are Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins?

Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins are gaming tokens used in sweepstakes casinos:

  • Gold Coins (GC): These virtual tokens are designed for fun, free play in sweepstakes and social casinos. While you can receive them for free, you can also purchase them in bundles, with prices ranging from $5 to $200. It’s important to remember that Gold Coins can’t be converted or traded for cash prizes.
  • Sweeps Coins (SC): SC are virtual tokens you’ll find exclusively in sweepstakes casinos. They are always free and cannot be bought. You can acquire these coins through various means, such as daily login bonuses, engaging in social media competitions, or even as a bonus when purchasing Gold Coins. Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for real cash prizes. At most sweepstakes casinos, the value of 1 SC = $1.
register at sweepstakes casino

How to Get Started at an Online Sweepstakes Casino

Starting your journey with sweepstakes casinos is easy. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to start playing at a sweeps casino:

  1. Choose a Sweepstakes Casino: Begin by selecting a trusted and appealing sweepstakes casino, ensuring a secure gaming experience. I’ve listed safe and trustworthy casinos in this guide to make your choice easier.
  2. Register an Account: Once you’ve chosen a casino, register by providing your basic personal information. This will only take a few minutes.
  3. Claim the Welcome Bonus: New players are usually welcomed with bonuses. Look for a promo code to claim yours, including Gold Coins and bonus Sweeps Coins.
  4. Get More Coins: You can purchase additional Gold Coins if you want more. Keep in mind Sweeps Coins are exclusively given for free and cannot be bought directly.
  5. Play a Game: With your account ready, choose from games like roulette, fish table games, or various slots to start your gaming journey.
  6. Win Sweeps Coins: Playing with these coins allows you to win more. However, playing with Gold Coins won’t earn you any Sweeps Coins.
  7. Redeem Sweeps Coins: Once you’ve accumulated enough, you can exchange your coins for real cash prizes. Be aware of the casino’s minimum redemption requirement, usually between 50 – 100 Sweeps Coins.
verify account at sweepstakes casino

How to Verify Your Online Sweeps Casino Account

Before you can purchase any Gold Coin packages or redeem Sweeps Coins for real cash prizes, sweepstakes casinos require you to complete an I.D. verification process.

You’ll typically need to upload a scanned copy or photo of a government-issued I.D., such as a driver’s license or passport. Additionally, you’ll be asked to provide details about your address and furnish proof of that address, which could be a recent utility bill.

Once you’ve submitted the necessary documents, the casino’s security team will review them. This process might take up to 48 hours.

Top 5 Casino Sweepstakes Sites

Exploring the top sweeps cash casinos in the US? Here are my top recommendations.

WOW Vegas Casino

WOW Vegas sweepstake casino

Launched in 2022, WOW Vegas Casino quickly became a go-to spot. With over 400 games, you’ll find mostly slots with a few table games mixed in. They stand out with their 24/7 customer support, especially their live chat – a feature few sweepstakes casinos offer.

wow vegas casino logo

1 Sweeps Coin + 5,000 WOW Coins

When you sign up, you get 1 Sweeps Coin and 5,000 WOW Coins as a no deposit bonus.

McLuck Casino

mcluck casino sweepstake

McLuck entered the scene in 2023 and is a fairly new sweepstakes casino, offering a diverse collection of over 300 slots games.

As a welcome gesture, you’re gifted 7,500 Gold Coins and 2.5 Sweepstakes Coins when you register. It’s a fresh addition to the sweepstakes casino world and quickly grabs attention. sweepstakes casino

Inspired by its European version, feels a lot like your regular real-money casino. It’s packed with features and even offers live chat support.

250K Gold Coins + $25 Stake Cash

When you join, you start with 250,000 Gold Coins and $25 Stake Cash. Plus, they have some cool VIP offers to keep an eye on.

Fortune Coins

fortune coins sweepstakes casino

Fortune Coins is a complete package in the sweepstakes casino world. With around 125 games, you can dive into slots, video poker, and even the Wheel of Luck.

When you sign up, they hand you 120,000 Gold Coins and 600 Fortune Coins. Just a heads up, you won’t find classics like roulette or blackjack here.


pulsz sweepstakes casino

Pulsz showcases a mix of over 300 games while competing head-to-head with WOW Vegas. They’ve got everything from slots to blackjack and video poker.

As a newbie, you’re welcomed with 5,000 GCs and 2.3 SCs. If you decide to buy coins immediately, some sweet deals are waiting. They’ve got phone support, but you might miss playing roulette here.

How to Earn Free Sweeps Coins

earn free sweeps coins

Wondering how to bolster your SC balance? Here’s how to earn free sweeps coins:

  • Daily Login Bonuses: Log into the casino daily to receive Sweeps Coins. Remember, this bonus is not awarded more than once a day.
  • Purchase Gold Coins: Although primarily for fun, purchasing these tokens frequently comes with a bonus in the form of Sweeps Coins.
  • Social Media Promotions: Engage with the casino on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Taking part in quizzes, contests, and other promotions can net you some coins.
  • Mail-in Request: Players can request free Sweeps Coins by sending a handwritten letter or a designated form to the casino’s provided address. This traditional method might seem a bit old-school, but it’s a tried-and-true way to boost your coin balance.

How to Redeem Sweeps Coins to Real Cash Prizes

Converting your Sweeps Coins into real cash prizes is a simple process. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Check Redemption Threshold: Ensure you’ve accumulated the minimum number of Sweeps Coins for redemption, typically between 50 to 100 SC.
  2. Verify Your Account: If you haven’t already, make sure your account is verified.
  3. Select the Amount to Redeem: Decide on the number of Sweeps Coins you wish to convert.
  4. Pick a Payout Method: Options may vary by casino but commonly include bank transfers, e-wallets like PayPal, or even gift cards.
  5. Await Processing: Once requested, the casino will begin the conversion process. This typically takes anywhere from 48 hours to 5 business days.

How to Buy Gold Coin Packages at Sweeps Cash Casinos

gold coins sweepstakes casino

When you’re looking to stock up on coins at Sweeps Cash Casinos, purchasing a coin package is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy more Gold Coins:

  1. Go to the coin purchase section on the sweepstakes casino’s website.
  2. Select from the variety of coin packages offered and click on the “buy” button to proceed.
  3. Choose a payment method and provide the required transaction details.
  4. Confirm your purchase.
  5. Complete the payments two-step verification (if needed)
  6. Verify your account balance to ensure your coins are added

Sweepstakes Casino Games

sweepstakes casino games

Curious about what’s on offer at sweepstakes casinos? Here’s a breakdown of the games you can typically find at these casinos.

Sweepstakes Slots

There’s a huge variety of sweepstakes slots waiting for you. Play slots like Egyptian Dreams, Space Miners, or Gold Express. All these are crafted by leading studios such as NetEnt, Relax Gaming, and Habanero.

Sweepstakes Fish Games

Fish games like Golden Dragon and King of Treasure aren’t just fun; they come with strategies. Credit goes to GammaStack and similar studios for such immersive experiences.

Sweepstakes Roulette

Experience a fresh spin on the classic with Sweepstakes Roulette. Games like American Roulette and European Roulette will keep you on your toes. Microgaming, among others, has contributed to this excitement.

Sweepstakes Blackjack

Sweepstakes Blackjack adds a twist to the traditional race to 21. Engage with titles such as Infinite Blackjack and American Blackjack. Play’n Go plays a big role in delivering this fun to your screen.

Sweepstakes Video Poker

Sweepstakes Video Poker is all about combining poker strategy with video game fun. Favorites include Joker Poker and Jacks or Better, with Red Rake Gaming being a key contributor.

Sweepstakes Bingo

Bingo’s gone digital and is better than ever. Games like Route 66 SC, Bingo Blast, and Golden Gate SC are fresh takes on an old classic. It’s innovators like Red Hot Labs that bring these to life.

List of Sweepstakes Casinos & Bonuses

Sweepstake casinoSign-up bonus
WOW Vegas Casino1 SC and 5,000 WOW Coins
McLuck Casino7,500 Gold Coins + 2.5 SC
Stake.us10,000 GCs + 1 SC
Fortune Coins120,000 Gold Coins + 600 Fortune Coins
Pulsz5,000 GCs and 2.3 SCs
BetRivers.netUp to 1,000 Virtual Coins
High 5 Casinos5SC + 250 game coins + 600 diamonds
Golden Hearts Games1,000 Playable Coins
Gambino Slots Casinos100,000 G-Coins
Funzpoints1,000 standard Funzpoints
Fortune Coins140,000 GC + 500 FC
Sweepslots10,000 GC + 1,000 SC

Are Sweepstake Casinos Legal in the US?

Yes, sweepstakes casinos are legal in all states in the US except for Washington. In addition, New York and Florida allows sweepstakes gambling but impose a cash prize restriction of a maximum of $5,000.

Sweepstakes casinos use virtual tokens instead of real money. This clever workaround allows them to circumvent strict gambling laws. As a result, sweepstakes casinos are legal and accepted in almost every state, even in those that have imposed restrictions on online gambling.

Available Payment Methods at Sweepstakes Casinos

You’ll need to use one of several approved payment methods whenever you need to buy gold coins to redeem Sweeps Coins for real cash prizes. Different sweepstakes casinos accept various deposit and withdrawal methods.

Here are some payment methods you usually find at sweeps casinos:

Payment MethodsPayout Speed
PayPal0-2 days
Skrill0-2 days
Apple Pay0-2 days
Visa1-3 days
Mastercard1-3 days
American Express1-3 days
Trustly3-5 days

Difference Between Sweeps Casinos and Real Money Online Casinos

Sweeps casinos and traditional online casinos both promise thrilling experiences, but they come with their own unique features:

  • Currency System: The currency game is a bit different at sweepstakes casinos. Instead of direct cash transactions, as you’d find in traditional casinos, you’ll be dealing with Sweeps Coins. These tokens let you play; if you’re lucky, you can convert wins into real cash prizes.
  • Legal Framework: Real money online casinos are strictly regulated and illegal in certain states. On the flip side, sweepstakes casinos operate under a sweepstakes model, which is not only accepted in almost all U.S. states except for Washington but is also recognized as legal on a federal level. Plus, sweepstakes casinos can run without a license.
  • Game Variety: Traditional online casinos offer plenty of games if you love choices. While sweeps casinos won’t leave you bored, their list might be less extensive.
  • Entry Methods: You must play with your own cash at a real money casino. There are demo games, sure, but you won’t win any money. Sweepstakes casinos, however, offer a unique twist. You can play without spending anything and yet stand a chance to win real cash prizes.
  • Support: Real money casinos often offer many support options if you ever need assistance. But a word of caution about sweepstakes casinos: many lack live chat. Usually, you’re left with email and social media support.

Where to Play Sweepstakes Online for Money

250K Gold Coins + $25 Stake Cash

1 Sweeps Coin + 5,000 WOW Coins

What is the Difference Between Sweepstakes Casinos and Social Casinos?

Many think that social casino and sweepstakes casinos are the same, but they are not. Social casinos only use Gold Coins, while in sweeps casinos you can use both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Gold Coins in social casinos are purely for fun and cannot be redeemed for prizes. But, in sweepstakes casinos you can play with Sweeps Coins and redeem them for real cash prizes.

Tips on How to Win at Sweeps Coins Casinos

If you’re looking to improve your chances at a sweepstakes casinos, here are some straightforward tips:

  • Understand the games: Before using your Sweeps Coins, ensure you understand the game’s rules, odds, and strategies. Take note of the Return to Player (RTP) percentage and the game’s volatility, as both can give insights into how the game might behave.
  • Manage your bankroll: When buying Gold Coins, it’s important to manage how much you spend. Set a limit for yourself, either daily or weekly, and stick to it. By being consistent with your spending, you can play longer and increase your chances of winning.
  • Join social media groups: There’s an active online community for sweepstakes casinos. Many players share their experiences and sometimes even stream their games, allowing you to learn how they play. Additionally, by following the casino on platforms like Twitter or Facebook, there are opportunities to receive free coins during promotions or giveaways.
  • Collect Sweeps Coins: It’s relatively easy to obtain Sweeps Coins with some diligence. Regularly logging in and sending written mail requests can ensure you have a consistent supply.

How I Rate Sweepstakes Casinos

sweepstakes casino rating

When I review sweeps casinos, I look at several key factors:

  • Sweepstakes Casino Games: I value a wide variety of games from top providers. More games mean a better rating.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: A good casino should offer a solid welcome bonus and ongoing promotions. If they give Sweeps Coins alongside gold coins, that’s a plus.
  • Security: Player safety is vital. I look for SSL encryption and fair games powered by reliable Random Number Generators. If a casino is licensed by respected entities like the Isle of Man or Malta, they get a higher score from me.
  • Customer Support: I give extra points to casinos offering live chat, but effective support is essential.
  • Easy Redemption: You should be able to quickly turn Sweeps Coins into cash.
  • Buying Gold Coins: It should be simple to buy gold coins, and bundle packs should offer good value.
  • Loyalty Programs: Not all casinos offer VIP programs. Those that do show they value regular players.
  • Mobile Compatibility: A dedicated app is great, but at the least, you should be able to play smoothly on a mobile browser.
  • Payment Options: A sweepstakes casino should offer popular payment methods. The more options they provide, the better it is.

Sweepstakes Casino Apps

sweepstakes app casino

Some casinos provide a dedicated sweepstakes casino app. You can download these apps for both iOS and Android devices right from the casino’s site.

It’s worth mentioning that most sweepstakes casinos do not offer a dedicated app. Nevertheless, playing on these apps provides the same gaming experience as playing directly on your mobile browser. You get access to the same games and bonuses.

Security and Fairness of Sweepstakes Casinos

Security and fairness are vital at sweepstakes casinos. The Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures fairness by delivering completely random outcomes for every spin or card dealt.

Equally important is safeguarding your data and transactions. Leading sweepstakes casinos employ robust encryption methods, often 256-bit SSL encryption, to secure your personal and financial information.

Furthermore, responsible gambling is at the forefront. Sweepstakes casinos offer various tools to promote responsible play, including self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and links to organizations that assist with gambling-related issues.

Customer Support at Sweepstakes Casinos

customer support sweepstakes casino

When you need help, customer support steps in. Here’s how sweepstakes casinos assist you:

  • Live Chat: While not all casinos offer it, some provide quick responses within 5-10 minutes for instant solutions.
  • Email: For trickier problems or attachments, expect a response within 24 hours. • Telegram & WhatsApp: These modern platforms offer swift assistance but are not widely available across all casinos.
  • Phone Support: Direct calls bring a personal touch, with response times varying.


Can I Buy Sweeps Coins?

No, you cannot buy Sweeps Coins. You can only receive these coins as promotions or by winning them in games.

Can I Win Real Money at Sweepstakes Casinos?

Yes. At Sweepstakes casinos, you play with Sweeps Coins. Collect wins, then exchange them for real cash.

Can I Redeem Gold Coins for Real Cash Prizes?

No, you can’t redeem Gold Coins for real cash prizes. Only Sweeps Coins can be converted into real cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos.

Can I Play Sweepstakes Casinos Online for Free?

Yes! Sweepstakes casinos allow you to play for free. When you sign up and log in daily, you’ll receive Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, allowing you to enjoy games without spending money.

Can I Use Bitcoin on Sweepstakes Casinos?

Yes, some sweeps casinos offer Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal payment method.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Play at Sweeps Coin Casinos?

You must be 18 years old to play at Sweeps Coin casinos.

Are Sweepstakes Casinos Safe?

Yes, all sweepstakes casinos I list use high-level encryption and RNGs to ensure safety and fairness.